Shanghai PrimoPal moves to new facility
Shanghai PrimoPal moves to new facility
Shanghai PrimoPal moves to new facility
Oct 6, 2021
Recently, the entire PrimoPal factory moved to Anniston.

During this period, our customer service team is still receiving orders and calls, and the professional technical support department also provides customer service as usual. The company was not affected by the relocation, and the business continued as usual. Our goal is to carry out the relocation plan without interrupting the business. If it weren't for the office colleagues to prepare in advance and work overtime on weekends, our goal would not be achieved, and they have made great efforts to this end.

This relocation was originally the key to our preparation plan for the new year. The next step is the control of engineering and architectural planning. We must ensure that our architectural design can be implemented on site and can meet our future needs. As we needed more space, we finally adopted a custom design, and the factory expanded from 18,000 square meters to 26,000 square meters.

With this new factory, our order capacity will make breakthrough progress, and we are ready for a bright future.
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