Why Us
Why Us

Why PrimoPal

  • With our bold vision for excellence, there are many reasons to choose PrimoPal as your motion solution partner.

  • Here are the Top 10.

Quality Control

  • The individuals of PrimoPal and its plants are committed to meet and exceed each client's quality expectations and industry standards throughout the process of the motor design, development and manufacturing. It is the reason why we have the ability of producing motors with high reliability, high accuracy, smooth movement, and low noise & heating & vibration.

Competitive Price

  • We have our own manufacturing bases which are located in Jiangsu, Guangdong and Zhejiang province. Due to large-scale production, centralized purchasing, qualified workforce, efficient assembly line and unified business process, we can control and cut our production cost. Subsequently, we can offer you the pretty competitive factory-direct price to save your purchase cost.

Customer Support

  • Our support is second to none. Our engineers can help you select from our wide offering to satisfy your unique needs or find the right motion solution for applications. Our goal is to meet and exceed each client's quality, packaging and delivery requirements. After sales, PrimoPal offers detailed, free telephone support, regional on-site support, and online assistance for our entire product line. In addition to provide excellent services for our customers, we also can help them create a sustainable value through our deep technical background and extensive industry experience.

Applications Experience

  • We have an engineering team with many years of experience in motor design and application engineering. We have solved numerous complex motion control problems with both standard and custom solutions. If your application demands anything unusual or unique, we can provide you custom design to optimize the product's performance for your needs.

Continuous Innovation

  • We pursue the latest technology, in order to make products that are more useful, reliable, energy saving, and efficient. We are continuously committed to invest in research to develop innovative and easy-to-use solutions that help you practice motion the way you want. Our continuous R&D programs and tradition of quality guarantee that we meet the most rigorous specifications and deliver the highest standards of construction, ease of use and unequalled performance.

Fast Response

  • Our promise to our customers: Answer customer's inquiry within 24 hours; Acknowledge customer's purchase order within 24 hours; Respond to special product development within 2 working days; Reply to customer's questions & concerns within 24 hours; Standard lead time for sample orders is within 2 weeks; Standard lead time for large-volume orders is within 4 weeks.

Fast Delivery

  • Our manufacturing processes support our fast delivery and short lead time to support each customer's demands. Besides, PrimoPal is Located in Shanghai of China, which has the largest port in China. We always follow the guideline of International Commercial Rules and Practices, and have extensive experience in international transportation. We are highly committed to consistently ship out of goods on time for every order.

Excellent Individuals

  • The hard-working and enterprising individuals are the most valuable resources in PrimoPal. Most of them are the specialists in their respective scope of work, such as R & D, sales, purchasing, and production. We all believe our official slogan of "Bring Out the Best in Motion" is the way to move PrimoPal and ourselves along on the road of continued excellence.

Agency Approval

  • PrimoPal is driven to meet agency approvals and industry standards. We have obtained the certificates of ISO9001:2000, CE and UL. We insist on principles of "providing green products" and all of our products are RoHS compliant. Besides, we strive to offer products with unparalleled ability to exceed certification requirements.

Social Responsibilities

  • PrimoPal is committed to global environmental safety. We, together with our plants, strive to control various environmental factors, protect the environment from pollution, and provide green products for our customers. Besides, we also make every effort to provide the safe and healthy working environment for PrimoPal Employees.

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