PrimoPal provides a wide range of customization options for all popular users, enabling customers to easily design and penetrate into various fields.
For a different motor, PrimoPal provides 20+ professional technical teams to serve you in time, from stepper motors to spindle motors, and even more products. For details, please refer to the products on our website. According to the application requirements, customers can easily customize the products they need, and we will be happy to bring you the best solution. In addition, you can freely choose various methods for easier and reasonable positioning.

Other motor, and some related kits, such as the kits for the hub motor, can be provided to one-stop service experience. In addition, PrimoPal can provide motors of smaller size. Screw motors used for manual positioning and manual long-term, lubrication and encoder Teflon layer are also optional.

Thank you for choosing PrimoPal.

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