Motor application case

3D printer-3D printing technology has changed our lives, and there is a wide range of market demands in the civil and industrial industries.PrimoPal products provide economical solutions for printers for civilian use.

ATM machine-whether it is printing paper or cash outlet, it needs a stepper motor and a high-quality DC motor. The high-quality stepper motor allows the ATM machine to collect money faster, improves the working efficiency of the machine itself, and reduces the risk of damage caused by improper operation. The long life of the stepper motor can reduce maintenance costs and cumbersome after-sales service.

Robots-industrial robots, service robots and home automation robots are closer to our daily lives. Industrial robots that increase productivity, service robots that facilitate daily life, and a series of stepper motors and brushless DC motors of Lifeng can be used in fixtures, AGVs and other applications involved in the robotics industry within a certain range.

Medical & medical beauty equipment-PrimoPalstepper linear actuators and stepper motors are used in various biomedical equipment and medical equipment such as medical diagnosis, cosmetology and dentistry. With good reputation and credibility, it has been widely recognized by users all over the world.

Semiconductors-Most semiconductor-related applications require high-end motors because they need to operate in special environments such as high temperature, vacuum, and dust-free cleanliness. Suitable for wafer manufacturing, probe testing, assembly, testing and other applications.

Factory automation-under the banner of "Industry 4.0" and "Smart Factory", our goal is to become an industrial automation solution provider. A full range of industrial automation applications such as movement, picking, transportation, sorting, assembly, inspection, and packaging are one of the key industries for PrimoPal products.

Cameras-video image monitoring systems appear in every corner of our daily life, and have been widely used in some important departments that require real-time monitoring. Cameras and their driving devices are an important part of the video image monitoring system Part one. The stepper motor can realize the vulgar scanning movement of the camera, which can eliminate the image shaking phenomenon under the low-speed operation of the camera in the video image monitoring system, and improve the image quality. Because of the low cost and simple control circuit of stepper motors, they have been popularized and applied in many aspects.

Food, beverage, pharma and many of products are packed in beauty and accuracy to be always in our life. PrimoPal products can be found in wide range of packaging industries like encapsulations, smart packers, cutters, filling and others.

From simple syringe pump, peristaltic pump but also throttle valve and dispensers, PrimoPal stepper and actuators solutions are very welcomed by global clients already. Very economic but high performance guaranteed stepper and actuators solutions or sometimes with encoders can be advantageous products in this industry.

In recent decades, with the development of power electronic technology, micro-electronic technology and modern control theory, medium and small power motors have been widely used in industrial and agricultural production and People's Daily life. Especially the rapid development of household appliances, more need a large number of small and medium power motors, and the application in agriculture is also very concerned by people.

Many mobile devices in our hands like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices of manufacturing applications require high precision stepper solutions not only linear actuators but also general steppers. PrimoPal is ready to provide the most appropriate solutions to enable customers to design their applications quickly. Faster selection of products and modeling, also immediate shipment is highly beneficial for current PrimoPal customers. Chips, PCBs, Panels, and other parts of the manufacturing and inspection process, there are already many customers who prefer to use PrimoPal products.

Due to the irresistible laws of nature, people cannot continue to use solar energy 24 hours a day. In order to maximize the use of solar energy, high-efficiency solar cells and advanced solar tracking and tracking systems are indispensable. The solar tracking and tracking system continuously adjusts to the best position by judging the intensity of sunlight in different directions, so that the solar cells face the strongest sunlight. The solar power automatic light source tracking system relies on the multi-axis motion control system to continuously adjust the solar panels to achieve the best angle and position and obtain the strongest sunlight.

The stepping motor is the high-speed and high-efficiency embroidery machine realized by increasing the high speed, low speed and changing the switching needle length. The stepper motor adopts full-closed loop control. It has the characteristics of high speed, strong overload capacity, and large output torque. When it is applied to the embroidery frame drive, it greatly shortens the time period required for the embroidery frame to move back and forth. When using a larger switching needle length, the main shaft of the embroidery machine can work at a high speed, the movement characteristics of the embroidery frame are more stable, the noise is lower, and the work efficiency of the embroidery machine is improved. Since the stepper motor integrates the driver and the motor, the installation space is reduced, which also has the effect of reducing costs, energy saving and environmental protection.

Copiers use the most motors in 0A (office automation) machines. Copiers can use stepper motors, brushless motors, or DC motors. Stepper motors generally use the following types of motors in copiers: scanner motors, lenses, lens drive motors, cylinder drive motors, paper feed motors, and other drive motors.

Generally, each vehicle has at least one wiper motor for the front wiper. Windows are often opened and closed manually, but electric windows are now very common. Each window is equipped with a hidden motor, including skylights and rear windows. Drivers for these windows can be as simple as relays, but safety requirements (such as detecting obstacles or clamping objects) may lead to the use of smarter drivers with motion monitoring and driving force limitations. The indicators on the dashboard or instrument cluster may evolve into light-emitting diodes or other types of displays, but now each dial and meter uses a small motor.

The single-phase asynchronous motor of commercial coffee machine is no longer just a separate part that simply performs tasks. There is an electronically controlled coin-operated system inside the machine, including a stirring and discharging device, a water supply device, a raw material storage device, an indicating control device, and a coin recognition device. Instead, it becomes a comprehensive system. It can be said that modern motors are the nerve center of the entire electromechanical system. Modern motors can provide energy for the entire electromechanical system, that is to say, modern motors are the power center; modern motors can also play a role in regulating, balancing, and controlling the entire electromechanical system.

Servo motors and stepping motors are commonly used in elevators. They are controlled by frequency converters. The frequency converter is used in the acceleration and deceleration process. The elevator door has the most contact with the user and opens and closes frequently. Therefore, the door is required to open and close quickly and move. Stable, no impact when opening and closing the door. The key to meeting these performance requirements is to control the speed of the door drive motor to change it according to the required speed curve.

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