Micro AC Gear Motor
Micro AC Gear Motor

Micro AC Gear Motor

  • Application advantages of right-angle hollow gearbox

    With a right-angle hollow gearbox there is no need for sprockets chains, and chain guards. At the same time it can save one end bearing seat simplify the design reduce costs and also reduce the axial size and save installation space.

  • Right angle hollow motor mounting flange surface is not perpendicular to load shaft

    1) When the motor lock screw is loosened slightly, the output torque vibration and oscillation are improved, which can be initially confirmed the reason. 2) Loosen the mounting screws and observe whether the gap between the motor mounting surface and the mounting surface of the equipment is equal parallel. If there is too much difference the cause can be judged. The motor can be further removed to place the dial indicator on the load shaft rotation-the beating of the mounting flange surface if the beating number is greater than 0.1 mm then the problem can be finally determined. 3) Correct the verticality of the motor mounting flange surface and the output shaft until the fault is eliminated.

  • Gearbox's gear collapse

    Gear force analyze is Gearbox gear collapse is theoretically due to the fact that the load on the gear exceeds the bending strength of the gear, resulting in tooth breakage. The load on the gear is composed of static load and impact load. The static load is generally the load torque. The impact load is generally the impact force generated by the acceleration and deceleration of the part inertia. Example Description: Hammer nails We hit the nail with a hammer and make it enter the wood. Firstly, we hit the nail with a static load. The static force is the weight of the hammer and the pressure that can be applied by the hand. It is conceivable that the nail cannot be nailed into the wood. When we use the impact load force to hit the nail, the nail can be easily nailed into the wood. By this example, it explains that the impact force is powerful. When the hammer is close to the nail its speed is v1. The speed drops rapidly to V2. Because the value of VI is much larger than V2 a large acceleration A is generated. According to Newtons law, the impact force F=ma m is the mass of the hammer. The greater the mass of the hammer the greater the impact force. Different hammers of the same size the one made of iron is more powerful than the one which is made of aluminum because iron has bigger proportion than aluminum. · Solutions 1. Static load is difficult to optimize due to load torque. 2. The dynamic load is the impact force, referring to the example of the hammer and nail according to F=ma we can use the following methods to do some optimize reduce the impact force and prevent the gear from collapsing. 1) Instead of heavy materials, parts are made of light materials to reduce m.2) Reduce the size of parts and optimize its shape to reduce torque inertia. 3) Start the motor with inverter stop the acceleration and deceleration time reduce a and realize slowly acceleration and slowly deceleration.

  • Electromagnetic brake motor brake pads have large damage and short life

    1. The electromagnetic brake motor adopts a relay or contactor to directly control the start and stop. When the motor stops, the motor will quickly drop and stop due to the brake pad. If the motor starts and stops frequently, the brake pad will wear out quickly, just like a car repetitively brake at 100 km/h repeated. 2. If a three-phase electromagnetic brake motor is used with our inverter control the inverter has to reduce the motor from high speed to low speed until the motor stops. The brake pads have low wear and long life, just like a car driving on a highway at a speed of 100 km/h decelerating first and then depressing the brake when downshifting to a low speed. 3. This control method will prolong the stopping time of the motor, but as long as we stop in advance, we can improve the stopping time and avoid brake pad wear.

  • Can the operating capacitance of a single-phase motor be increased or decreased

    The capacity of the running capacitor of the single phase motor is accurately calculated, taking into account the optimal capacity of the various characteristics of the motor. Increasing the capacity of the capacitor can increase the starting torque, and the starting is more powerful, but at the same time the temperature rise of the motor will increase and efficient declines vice versa.

  • The single-phase motor switches from forward to reverse,but the motor still rotates forward without inversion.

    When the single-phase motor is switched from forward rotation to reverse rotation if the load inertia of the motor is large, the forward and reverse switching will be easy to fail at this time and the switch will be successful after the motor decelerates for a certain time. Damping motor is equipped with a damping device on the basis of single-phase motor, which can shorten the time of motor deceleration and realize fast-forward and reverse switching.

  • Can single-phase motor use frequency converter speed regulation

    No you must use a speed-regulated motor and a speed governor.

  • How to prevent the speed control motor from over-reliance or unstable speed?

    The speed regulation principle of the speed regulating motor is similar to that of automobile throttle control. Therefore, for the same load, the power of the speed-regulated motor should be greater than that of the fixed-speed motor to make it work at an average of 50%power. When the load becomes larger, the throttle should be increased immediately to avoid a speed drop.

  • Analysis of the"leakage"phenomenon of the motor

    ·Phenomenon:In the use of the motor if the motor is not grounded it will be found that the motor has a"leakage"phenomenon.The electric pen is used to measure and the motor casing is charged.When measuring with a voltmeter a voltage above 100V is sometimes measured which makes people mistakenly think that the motor is"leakage". ·Analysis:Since the motor winding coil and the motor metal shell are equivalent to a capacitor when the motor is powered by AC power,the AC power can flow to the shell through the capacitor,which causes the shell to be charged.This current is temporarily called the leakage currentl The capacity is very small only a few thousand picofarads and its capacitive reactance is very large for 50Hz alternating current,so the leakage currentl is very small even ifit is touched by people it will only feel numb. ·Solution:Ground the PE ground terminal of the motor to release the leakage current 1 to the ground through the ground wire so there is no"leakage"feeling. At the same time in accordance with safety standards in order to ensure safety and prevent the motor case from being damaged due to acetylene damage or insulation failure the PE ground terminal of the motor must be grounded.

  • What is the role of the motor damper winding?

    There are two functions, one is to dampen the disturbance of the power system, and the other is to provide a path for the induced current in the rotor generated by the reverse rotating magnetic field generated by the negative sequence current in the stator winding. The damping winding is composed of damping teeth and damping bars, forming a squirrel cage similar to an asynchronous motor. The principle is very simple. Once the stator magnetic field and the rotor magnetic field have relative motion, an induced current will be generated in the squirrel cage to form an additional magnetic field (dampening)

  • What is the difference between a reducer and a geared motor?

    Geared motors are called gear motors, which are modularized, and the output torque increases, 6 poles (output synchronous speed), 8 poles (output synchronous speed), so the motor is made by gear mechanism or other mechanisms (such as cycloid) The speed drops, and the output speed or torque of the motor cannot meet the actual requirements. Among them, 4-pole motors are the most commonly used. Because the speed used in the equipment is generally smaller, the motor, the higher the number of poles, the more expensive the price, and ordinary motors are commonly used It is 4 poles (output synchronous speed), it is a combination of gearbox and motor, gear motor. The reducer is a type of transmission. It is mostly used for low-speed and high-torque transmission equipment. The principle is to engage the electric motor, internal combustion engine, motor or other high-speed running power through the gear with a few teeth on the input shaft of the reducer. The large gear, to achieve the purpose of deceleration; the ratio of the number of teeth of the large and small gear is the transmission ratio.

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