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- Brushed DC Servo Drive; Max. 80 VDC / 20A Peak; Single-Ended Encoder Input
brushed dc servo motor driver DCS810S

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The DCS810S is a digital DC servo driver developed with DSP and high efficient MOSFET technologies. In position control, it’s easy for the end users to change stepping drivers to the DCS810S without changing control systems, because its input command is PUL/DIR signal, which is compatible with that of stepping drivers. In low power motion control applications, performances of DC servo systems using the DCS810S are better than those of digital AC servo systems in velocity, precision, stability, or at least as good as those of digital AC servo systems. However, the cost of the DCS810S stays at the price line of stepping driver, namely far lower than those of AC servo drivers.

The connectors of the DCS810S are specially designed to be compatible with those of the DB810-50V, which have been widely used in inkjet printers. The users can switch to the DCS810S without changing the previous system. Broader input voltage range also makes the DCS810S drive broader range of servo motors than the DB810-50V. What’s more, the DCS810S has lower hearting than the DB810-50V owing to its advance digital algorithm. Compared to the DCS810V1, the DCS810S adopts single-ended interface for encoder signals and an extra velocity has been built into it for better performance (The same as DCS810V2).

The DCS810S is very easy to tune and all parameters are visible. PC based and handheld configuration & tuning tools, including Pro Tuner (Windows based setup software) and STU (Small servo tuning unit) can meet different tuning environments or requirements.

Electrical Specifications

brush dc servo motor drive dcs810s electrical specs

Connector Configuration

brush dc servo motor drive dcs810s Connector Configuration

brush dc servo motor drive dcs810s drawing

brush dc servo motor drive dcs810s typical connection

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